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November 22, 2018

Lensball or Glass ball photography refers to making use of a transparent lensball as a subject in an image. The glass crystal ball makes for a distorted effect and when used rightly, produces a very creative photo.

The glass lens ball has become a trendy accessory for photography. The lensball is essentially glass ball photography, whereby making use of an 80 mm or 60 mm glass ball, as well as infraction within the glass ball, great photos can be created.

According to experts, a glass ball of a larger size is better for photography since it aids in showing more of the image via the refraction while capturing with the camera. The small 60mm lensball is suited to when you travel and want to carry the glass ball conveniently.

How to Use Glass Lenball 

The lensball is simple to use when taking photos. But for the perfect image, the right camera settings are crucial. Experts recommend the following for shooting with lensball:

  • Keep high shutter speed
  • Reduce the aperture

These tips help keep the glass ball in focus and also the image in the glass ball. It is good to see the picture clearly via the ball. Keeping the shutter speed high helps avoid any blurring caused by shaking hands.

But settings will differ based on what lens and camera you are using. More crucially, the lighting and conditions in which you are shooting will determine your camera settings. Best tips are to do some trial and error to find the right settings.

Here are a few creative ideas for glass ball photography:

Good Landscape Photos

You need to follow some basic rules to get good landscape photos featuring glass balls:

  • Select a scene where you would ideally use a wide angle lens.
  • Take a photo of this scene with the sun behind you, which lights up the picture.
  • Keep the ball where it won’t fall.
  • Arrange your scene including the glass ball in it.
  • Focus camera on view inside the clear glass orb which is achieved by manual focus.
  • Make use of an aperture of around f/4 because this will keep the orb sharp against a blurred background.
  • Take repeated photos in case you are not happy with sharpness within the ball.
  • Do a rotation of your image in post-processing such that the scene in the ball is not upside down.

Hold The Orb or Lensball In Your Hand

Holding the lensball and including your hand in the photo is one of the most common shots and very easy to recreate. Pick up the glass ball with your hands or get someone else to do this for you. By setting a manual focus on the glass ball and make adjustments of your camera distance from the lensball, you can get the right shot; the glass ball simply acts like a wide-angle lens.

There are numerous ideas for glass ball photography, only limited by your imagination. Consider reading more as there are so many more great articles such as our well-rounded lensball guide covering how to use the lensball. Purchase one today and start capturing some stunning photographs with your very own lensball.

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