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Only Specialist Australian Lensball and Refraction Photography Education Provider 

Our recently released lensball photography course "Globalise" featuring over 2.5 hours of specialist lensball training by a pro photographer!  *limited supply 

We are excited to now offer "Globalise", a lensball photography course created due to customer demand with over 2.5 hours of filmed video content on USB. You can either buy these included in either the 60mm or 80mm Lensball Package (see product page) or here separately.

You will be given the gems to follow and pitfalls to avoid in this craft. There are sections on landscape, portrait and still life photography in this fully comprehensive course. Lensball or Crystal ball photography is becoming increasingly popular, and Simon Bond has eight years experience of background in this space. 


  • Over 2.5 hours of video lessons divided into six easy to use sections.
  • These six sections are – The basics, creative ideas, the floating ball, portraits with the ball, post processing, and still life.
  • Clear demonstrations throughout the course meaning you benefit not only from the verbal coaching but also the visual. 
  • Clear learning outcomes from each of the sections, meaning you can tick off new skills attained and redo modules as needed. 
  • Learn a range of digital editing techniques related to the Lensball such as turning the image inside the Lensball the normal side up (rather than the inverted image created by the refraction effect)
  • Learn how to make and use a lightbox using objects from a craft shop.
  • Learn how to make the crystal lensball appear to be floating. 
  • Much, much more...