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Only Specialist Australian Lensball and Refraction Photography Education Provider 

The beautiful 60mm Lensball Mini Package plus the definitive guide to lensball photography featuring over 2.5 hours of insights and demonstrations on how to take the best refraction photos with the lensball! This package includes our 60mm Lensball perfect for lighter travel weighing at just over 250g. 

The lensball also comes with a new custom box surrounded by eye-catching Lensball photography, a microfiber bag and now the Lensball Course, "Globalise" all at one special package price providing a great package discount.

The difference between this lensball and other standard crystal balls is we use the best manufacturing providing a super clear ball fit for photography purposes!  

The course also completely focuses on a deep range of Lensball Photography topics sharing rich, deep knowledge and demonstrations from a professional photographer with a passion not only for photography but Lensball Photography in particular over many years.


  • Over 2.5 hours of video lessons divided into six easy to use sections.
  • These six sections are – The basics, creative ideas, the floating ball, portraits with the ball, post processing, and still life.
  • Each video shows examples of photos using the ball, and is divided into learning sections.
  • The example photos shown in the tutorials are included with the package
  • Learn about still life photography
  • Learn how to make and use a lightbox using objects from a craft shop

Equipment needed for the video course

  • Crystal ball, Camera
  • Optional equipment that’s recommended – Strobe, Flash trigger, Flash receiver (Still life photography, two tripods, macro lens.