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Lensball Stand - By Popular Demand

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Refractique Lensball Stand | Vulcanized Rubber Suction Mount, Anondized Aluminium Base

HANDY LENSBALL ACCESSORY: The stand holds your 60mm to 80mm Lensball through suction and perfectly mounts onto your tripod through a tripod screw thread at the base.

GOLD ANONDIZED ALUMINIUM BASE: A classy gold brushed finish adds a touch of glamour to your lensball photography.

VERSATILE: Use on a tripod or just use the stand – it’s flat base means it can just be used by itself with the lensball.  

Refractique’s lensball stand is a highly recommended accessory to have with the Lensball to avoid the Lensball rolling away and present it beautifully!

The stand has a vulcanized rubber suction mount which sucks up our 60mm to 80mm Lensball.

The anodized aluminium base is not only beautiful, but also has a screwing thread to fit on any tripod and its flat base makes it versatile as it can be used with or without a tripod.

Note, the stand is tiny but a very useful accessory you will find.